Prologue worked in collaboration with Amazon Prime Video (under the leadership of Liz Catullo, Glenn Sanders, Stephanie Marshall, and Joe Supasit) to bring the announcement for Amazon Prime Video's new series, The Lord of the Rings "The Rings of Power" to life. Prologue was tasked with handling the previsualization on the live action shoot, VFX shots, editorial and localizations. The Lord of the Rings "The Rings of Power" was an unprecedented undertaking that has never been done before in production, with multiple extraordinary teams from around the world.

Prologue's primary goal on set was to replicate the logo in CG while maintaining the integrity of the live action shots and lighting. We worked closely with the client, director, a 3D scanning team, and a motion control team to preserve the practical elements and match the camera moves. Use of a motion rig during the live action shoot was essential for control of elements (smoke, lava etc.) in post production. By shooting these elements with the same camera move, albeit on different passes, we were able to work with a perfect match to comp everything in post.

To support the edit, we built a 4K phantom pipeline, working with Bond, to deliver this one of a kind project.

The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power