With Star Trek: Discovery’s fourth season at its close and Star Trek: Picard's second season in full swing, we thought we might go back in time as well to revisit our history with this science fiction monolith. 2016’s Star Trek: Beyond gave Prologue a chance to go all out with outer space VFX, taking inspiration from every Main Title that had come before in a massive and exhilarating race through nebulae and planets and all sorts of spatial anomalies. The sequence is full of hints and references to the movie we’ve just watched as well as fun ideas on what the crew might get to experience in future as-yet-untold missions. We also got the chance to play with the brand new Kelvin redesign of the Enterprise-A, letting it soar through some of the environments as bookends to our sequence, set to Michael Giacchino’s fantastic score.

Star Trek: Picard S2