Barry Sonnenfeld / Columbia Pictures


In 1997, Kyle Cooper directed a teaser advertising the release of the now-classic Men in Black, starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.

Tommy Lee Jones explains who the Men in Black are as he walks down the official looking hallway: “We work in secret. We exist in shadow.” In a moment emphasizing the duo’s comic interplay at the heart of the film, Will Smith steps in at the end of this monologue to deliver the punchline, “And we dress in black.”

A series of rapid cuts ensues as the Men in Black draw their weapons and lock and load. They kick open a door and we cut to the other side as it swings open, revealing the Galaxy. The camera pulls back as the doorway becomes the central letter “I” in the MIB logo (designed by Cooper), glowing like a beacon of interplanetary justice. The logo became an integral component of the successful marketing push for the MIB campaign and brand.