Martin Campbell / TriStar Pictures


The Mask of Zorro main title makes the best use of new technology to embody the personality of the mask vigilante Zorro. The beginning of the sequence introduces each credit as a thin white line, and then spreads out, as an inverse version of Zorro’s signature slash attack. The main title sequence is a combination of multiple VFX effects. Prologue created the fire effect that rips through the frame when Zorro slashes his sword at the camera. These flames are joined by dozens of smaller scratch animations, and 3D rotating text of the title. These culminate into a fireball main title with a defiant black Z that’s reminiscent of Zorro’s signature garments. Prologue utilizes the 3D text again, by having it slyly fly out from the side of the Z and zoom to the center of the frame, presenting the backstory of the film. These VFX graphics and typography tricks were cutting edge at the time of the film’s release, and shows Prologue’s ability to adapt to evolving technologies while applying them to unique narratives.

Main Title


End Title