Ridley Scott / 20th Century Fox


After completing extensive visual effects work on Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel Prometheus, he asked us to design an opening legend, and a main title for Exodus: G-ds and Kings. The story chronicles Moses’ trials and tribulations that lead him to free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. From the beginning of the process, Scott was straightforward, he wanted to have a main title that was strong and symmetrical. Prologue designed the typography for the main title and showed it to Scott fairly early on during the process. Notice the lines of the “E” form a perfect square, and the “O” is a perfect circle. Scott approved the work, and Prologue began designing a graphic language for the legend at the beginning of the film. We started researching ancient Hebrew letters and scriptures. From there, by hand, Prologue used brushes and ink, put to rice paper to reflect the texture of ancient writings. In the end, Scott opted to pursue a clean text for the legend that provides the backstory of the enslaved Jews.

Main Title


Process Frames: Legend

Process Frames: Main Title