AMC’s The Walking Dead has become one of the most celebrated series of the decade, and is currently the most watched show on cable television. The story revolves around a core group of survivors living amongst the ruins of a world they once knew, one that is now inhabited by zombies that will eat, infect and kill anything in their path.
Prologue designed the original logo and brand, the opening title sequence, and all the collateral network advertising package graphics.
The opening titles function as an introduction to the main ensemble, and the desolate, unforgiving post apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead. We shot live action and utilized an array of barren vignettes shot during principal photography. The sequence was intended to set a bleak tone devoid of humanity, with empty streets harboring discarded belongings in a wind swept, deserted world.
The brand Prologue created for the first season of the worldwide phenomenon has remained with the franchise for its entire run.

The Walking Dead