Prologue’s work with The Incredible Hulk’s main title sequence is a testament to the company’s ability to defy expectations. The problem the film producers were facing was conveying the complex backstory of Bruce Banner without adding to the length of the film or confusing the audience. Prologue needed to tell the hulk origin sequence in under 3 minutes as well as integrate all of the opening credits. Prologue had a second unit shoot which featured a bulletin board, which tracked the whereabouts of the hulk and his path of destruction as well as shooting soldiers raiding hulks last locations and safe houses we shot police raids and details of hulk breaking out of his clothing. Prologue also created VFX shots of military equipment tracking Banner followed by newspaper stories reporting the Hulk’s trail of destruction as Thaddeus Ross chases him across the globe. These few additions, assisted by meticulous editing, creates an exciting two-minute introduction to Bruce Banner that seamlessly integrates into the film.

The Incredible Hulk