Prologue’s work with the WGN America network show Salem included the creation of two promos advertising the series premiere in April 2014. The two 30 second spots depict the two stages of an accused witch’s process. The so-called ‘trial’, with which we depicted a woman being repeatedly dunked into a river while tied to a chair, and the execution, where we show two women standing on the gallows ready to swing. Live-action shots fade in and out of one another, in a semblance of the surreal nature of the the real life events. Close ups on the accused’s’ faces reveal not looks of terror or pain, but rather a mischievous smile, indicating to the audience that there are forces at play here not of the natural world. The live-action then gives way to the Prologue designed typography, displaying the titles and air-date in a white, scratchy typography, as if somebody had carved it in with their fingernails in a fit of delirious rage.