Prologue directed the title design project for Ridley Scott’s take on the classic tale of Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe.
The scope of our work included the calligraphic introduction, the title design, and the main on end sequence. The challenge was to build a cohesive piece which would function in concert with the edit, the music, and the overall tone and historical setting of the film.
The typeface we created is inspired by hand-drawn letterforms circa 12th century England, the era in which the film takes place. In the case of the main title, we further connected the text to its accompanying on-screen image of Robin Hood by treating the surface of the screen with an additional layer of barely visible type.
For the main on end, after an intense period of research and concept development involving a number of animators, we presented the director with a broad range of possible animation styles and approaches. This led to our collaboration with Italian animator Gianluigi Toccafondo to bring to life the oil painting which serves as both pictorial background and storytelling device for the end credits.

Robin Hood