After a successful collaboration with Peter Ocko on Lodge 49, Prologue took the opportunity to work together once more on AMC's scifi show MOONHAVEN. Our Main Title sequence traces the terraforming and colonization of the Moon from the initial rocket journey through to habitation. Data and water cables penetrate the crust and spread underground and through the air, providing hydration and an atmosphere to a barren surface.

A leaf unfurls inside the famous Apollo footprints and craters fill with rain, leading to a sweeping landscape of crater lakes and plantlife beneath a cloudy sky. Vein-like networks of fibers expand like a fountain from the initial penetration hub and we see a time lapse of the moon's surface from dusty wasteland to lush forests inside which humanity can build its new homes. Finally, from far above we see the grand topography of the Moonhaven terraformation leading into a dramatic 3D title with the sunlight blooming across Luna's surface.