Prologue shot two live-action, alien themed commercials for Bose, to emphasize the high-performing range of their sound. The first promo features a group of people experiencing an alien abduction from a ship shining a bright white light, before it is revealed they were only the personification of a young boy playing with his toy space ship, and figurines resembling the actors. The audio becomes louder and louder as it progresses, exemplifying Bose’s ability to create not just crystal clear sound, but the ability to increase volume as needed to enhance the story. The second promo takes place in a diner, where a young woman on the run enters with a mysterious briefcase. Every little sound in the diner, such as the shifting of a sugar container, or the ringing of a bell, is accentuated in order to demonstrate Bose’s top of the line sound clarity, as well as their desire to create a better, more lifelike sound. Soon after, objects in the diner begin to shake violently as a similar bright light to the first promo shines through the window. As the woman gets up to make her escape, the screen fills with white, signifying the arrival of the aliens she was running from.

Bose Commercial