Prologue’s challenge for the Audi 2014 showing was creating an image for cars before they’re revealed to anyone, including us. Prologue had to create a promotional video consistent with Audi’s branding, before the car existed, based on car models supplied by the client. Through heavy stock research and extensive 3D animation, Prologue created two videos, one for the Audi TT and Audi A6, each highlighting possible lifestyles of potential customers. For the TT, a sporty, riskier car, the video is imbued with colors of passion like red and orange. There’s skillful use of a live-action female model to push the sex appeal of the car. By comparison, the A6 is more conservative, with neutral silver tones that focus on the utility and feature set for high-end buyers. These promotional videos show the diversity of the Audi brand while also playing to the strengths of each individual model. Prologue’s success with this project led to them working with Audi again on future car reveals.